The Story of Your First

First car, first trip, first love… You can never forget your first, can you?

Tell me one thing. How do you really know that you are prepared for your first? Often, our firsts happen so unexpectedly that we wouldn’t ever have thought of them. After it happens, you feel, ‘Wow! That was my first ….’. But what about the satisfaction you got from your first? You may be satisfied, dissatisfied or may be neutral.

Though you do not have the power to determine the level of satisfaction, because it all depends on circumstances, you can surely choose the way you think about it. If you think it’s a good thing, even if it’s a bad thing in the eyes of others, it hardly makes a difference. We’re here to live our lives to the fullest and we’re not gonna let what others think about it, affect us.

Everyday, we are experiencing new things. These experiences will turn into happy ones only when you look at it through your positive glasses. No other way out here. You either think of it as a good one or you live on with hateful memories for the rest of your life. Only make sure you live each day as your first and last.