How Blue is my Sapphire💍

WordPress Story- 1 As I gaze at the sparkling, iridescent, luminous sapphire set in a ring, adorning my fair ring finger, which reminds of the Indian Ocean, with its cool and calm blue waters, I feel I'm going swirling down, into its depths, those depths which hold priceless treasures of mineral and material wealth, lying… Continue reading How Blue is my Sapphire💍


Bengaluru Diaries🚋

In February 2016, I took a decision that was going to teach me to be independent: I would travel alone to my hometown Bengaluru and stay with my cousins and grandparents for a few days and then return. And so, tickets were booked, both to and fro in A/c 3 Tier on the Sampark Kranti… Continue reading Bengaluru Diaries🚋