Infinity and beyond- Chapter 2🌌

A. D. 20,160  Chapter 1:Recap  The famous immortal scientist Dr. X is the lone survivor on Earth. Dr. X receives an offer from Mercurians, the inhabitants of Mercury, for the post of Prime Scientist. That would mean leaving his beloved Earth forever, as stated in one of the clauses. If he accepts the offer, he… Continue reading Infinity and beyond- Chapter 2🌌


Infinity and beyond- Chapter 1🌌

I am Dr. X, the most famous scientist who will ever live because now I hold the power, the power of immortality! And you can read my journal in which I'm going to record the state of the Earth and Earthlings, for millenia! Hahahaha.. C. E.  2017 Earth still moves in its orbit around the… Continue reading Infinity and beyond- Chapter 1🌌