An Unsung Hero

This incident happened in my college 2 years ago. 

It was around 3 pm. There were only a few of us for the lecture. The class was on the third floor. My ears picked up a faint mewing sound. Initially, i felt my mind was playing tricks on me. What could a cat be doing in a college building? Surely, no professor would bring her pet cat along to college, right? 😀 Then where is the sound coming from? 

I requested the teacher for a break to investigate this matter. And she gladly agreed. When i stepped outside the class, i could faintly make out that the sound was coming from the building opposite ours, that is the B. Com building. I looked in the direction of the building. And for a moment, i couldn’t believe my eyes! 

There, on the ledge of the third floor building opposite ours, was a big fat cat, mewing desperately for help. Apparently, it had jumped over the parapet and was too scared to jump back up. Soon, a crowd gathered to watch this cat stuck helplessly and crying out for help. After making enquiries, we came to know that it had been stuck there from around 8 am that morning, and nobody had even bothered about it. That means, almost 7 hours without food and water. 

We had to help the cat somehow, else it would have died right there on the ledge out of hunger and thirst, and we couldn’t possibly have watched it dying. Now, began the brainstorming as to how the cat could be rescued. I called up one of my NCC friends, and told him about the matter. I don’t remember now what the reason was why he refused, whether he was not in college at that moment or he was simply scared and embarrased to admit it, his help could not be obtained. Then, a friend and i googled PETA to see if they could help us in any way, but it seems PETA doesn’t have any rescue centre in Pune. The peons proved to be of absolutely no help. Moreover, none of the authorities could be met to discuss what was to be done. 

Everybody was perplexed. What would happen now? Would there be no help for the poor cat? Was it destined to die there on the ledge? What could possibly be done? Among the crowd was a guy. He was a random guy, you would not spot him out in a crowd, he wasn’t famous. He volunteered alongwith two of his guy friends, to get onto the ledge and save the cat, even if it meant risking his life, as he would surely die if he fell down from the third floor. There wasn’t any rope which could be tied to his waist, or even if there was, it could not be procured. 

The three of them rushed to the building, and onto the third floor. His friends held his hands and lowered him onto the ledge. Once his feet were firmly on the ledge, they left his hands free. He called the cat to him. Thankfully, it recognised its rescuer and came to him. He lifted it up and gave it to his friends who left it on the other side, near the stairs. Again, they carefully hoisted him up and he was safe on the other side. 

We thanked him profusely. He had indeed performed an act of daredevilry. Anything could have happened to him, had he not been careful. Inspite of that, he risked his life to save the life of an innocent soul. He himself volunteered for doing the job. He showed bravery and courage, and a lot of maturity. He didn’t think about the ‘What if’s’, he instead thought about the ‘What if i don’t’. In that one act of his, he earned a lot of good karma. 

Every single day in our lives, somewhere someone is risking their life to save another. These people don’t get recognition and popularity for their deeds though, like our soldiers. They are the unsung heroes. But among us folk, they are the real heroes. And i have tried to give some recognition to that hero through this post. Have you come across any such hero in your life? If so, share their story with us in the comments below. And do like and share this post! Till next time with another of my life’s experiences! 🙂

Cat Love

(Scene: Pratiknagar Sector No. 3&4, Characters: Me, my friend Nidhi, a gang of primary-school boys, and of course, heroine of the play, Kitten Fluffy, her dialogues are what she thinks and does)

(The play opens with the gang of boys trying their best to feed Fluffy)

Nidhi: Ae, usko nai khaneka hai.. uska mood nai hai

Me:(entering the scene) Do idhar.. biscuit.. ye le chotu kha, kha..

Fluffy:(Ah! She had saved me from these boys then, when they were trying to suffocate me to death in that smelly cardboard box! Good person.. no harm eating what she’s giving me) “Eats biscuit from my hand, taking small bites”

Me: Dekho, usko main malum hu, isliye mere haath se khari hai..

Boys: Han didi.. han didi

Fluffy:(Oh, why are they fussing over me so much! I’m tired of so much attention. Give me a break!!) “Goes under a car, comes out in 2 seconds” (Oh no! I’m out in the open again? How did the roof suddenly come to an end?!)

Boys: Didi, shayad ye baju wale society se aayi hai..

Me: Fir use jane do udhar..(picks her up and places her on the wall separating both societies)

Fluffy:(Hey! I don’t want to go from here. And I’m scared of jumping from this height. But Mumma told me nothing happens to us even if we jump from great heights. Cats have nine lives, you know?) “Jumps into our society”

Everybody:Dekho udhar gayi..

Nidhi:(lifts it and sits on a bench)

Fluffy:(doesn’t want to sit on Nidhi) “Comes and sits on my lap”

Me:See? It likes me!

Nidhi:(sad and jealous expression) Give me also na.. (takes it in her arms and walks around the society)

Fluffy: Ah! I’m loving it! (After a few minutes) “Starts becoming uneasy and wants to be left down”

Me: Give it here.. It likes me

Nidhi: So? It likes me also and these boys also..

Me: It likes me more..

(Nidhi and I sit on a bench)

Fluffy:(sits on me, I start checking my notifications on my mobile and viewing the pictures i took) She is glued to her phone! How dare she when I’m here?! I won’t sit on her. “Sits on Nidhi”

Nidhi: Aww, my cutie baby..

Me: It came to you on its own!

(The boys, Nidhi and I exit the scene)

Fluffy:”Sitting in the centre of the stage like a boss”

Cat Psychology

We adopted two stray cats, one after the other, in the past. It was a stray cat which would roam around in our society. We named her Kaalu. Kaalu would climb the stairs to our door and meow when she wanted to be let in. We would give her fried snacks and occasionally some sweetmeats. I would play with her when she came. Kaalu would doze off on the dining chair, after filling her tummy. We used to cover her with a cloth when she slept, in winters. After a few hours, she would wake up and walk to the door, a sign to be let out to answer nature’s call and roam about.


Next we adopted Kaalu’s female kitten and she was given the name, Golu. Golu would sleep in any place imaginable, demand whatever we were eating and meow sometime after midnight, Mother would open the door for her then. She was the undisputed queen of our household. She got all the royal treatment she didn’t deserve. After a few days, she started killing pigeons on our building terrace and would bring it to our floor, have her fill and leave the remains behind. This infuriated the neighbours. By then, everybody knew that Golu was our unofficially adopted pet. Mother had to clear out all the remains, and we being vegetarians, it was considered to be an abhorrent task. Thus ended the reign of Golu.


I have observed that power play takes place among cats too. They don’t accept the entry of a new cat into the scene. They drive away the enemy by uttering wierd sounds and fighting it till the death of any one would seem certain.


Not all cats come to you when you call them. A lot of them are scaredy cats, while a few are brave. They allow you to pet them and feed them. Some females sit on your lap; but males don’t, they feel shy it seems.

Two days back, a new male was seen roaming in our society. He meowed when I called to him and he allowed me to pet him. I held a piece of bread to his mouth and he was about to eat it, when suddenly he spotted a female lurking in the bushes. Proud cat wouldn’t eat from my hand, even though I’m sure he was feeling extremely hungry.

Some, only some females care for their kittens, beyond an age limit, like humans.

Like humans, male cats are on the heavier side in terms of weight.

There are many similarities between cat and human behaviour. I love to observe them when I get some time to spend as I like.

Posted by Vaishnavi