“Is anger good?”šŸ˜”

Disclaimer: The views expressed are my outlook on life. It does not intend to project itself as THE RIGHT way to tackle situations. Every reader's unique opinion is respected. Yes. In a healthy amount, it can actually help you save yourself from being physically and emotionally hurt. Although a lot of people say "Forgive and… Continue reading “Is anger good?”šŸ˜”


Anger ManagementšŸ˜”

What is Anger? Anger is nothing but disapproval expressed openely by throwing things around, shouting, beating, abusing, walking away from the scene or through expressions. Why do we get Angry? When we have expectations from someone or something and those expectations remain unfulfilled, it gives rise to a feeling of anger. If we hate a… Continue reading Anger ManagementšŸ˜”