Quirky habits of Pune’s auto wallahs

In Pune, an auto wallah who is ready to go to your destination is probably 1 in infinity. If it's your lucky day, you'll manage to stop this 1.  Ps: Sometimes it's good to take your eyes off the smartphone for a while. Happy Riding!  Continuously looking back at the running meter. Do you think… Continue reading Quirky habits of Pune’s auto wallahs


Film review- Hannah Arendt

Language: English & German with English/German subtitles Cast: Barbara Sukowa as Hannah Arendt, Axel Milberg as Heinrich Blücher, Julia Jentsch as Lotte Köhler, Michael Degen as Kurt Blumenfeld, Nicolas Woodeson as William Shawn Duration: 106 min Director: Margarethe von Trotta Theme: Ethics, Evil, Philosophy Blurb: Writer and philosopher Hannah Arendt (Barbara Sukowa) goes to Israel to… Continue reading Film review- Hannah Arendt