Film review- Renn, wenn du kannst~ Run if you can🎬

Renn wenn du kannst
From left to right: Christian, Annika, Ben

Language: German with German and English subtitles
Cast: Anna Brüggemann as Annika, Jacob Matschenz as Christian, Robert Gwisdek as Ben

Duration: 113 mins

Director: Dietrich Brüggemann

Theme: Self reflection, Romance

Rating: 4.5/5

Renn, wenn du kannst is a film about a love triangle. Two men fall in love with the same young lady, who is a Cello player. A soul-stirring story about how invalid persons not only need companionship, but also love.

The film opens with Ben ordering a guy to fix something in his house. But, the stupid helper just ends up giving himself an electric shock. Ben lets him get to the hospital by himself and it’s then that it is revealed: Ben is an invalid. He sits in a wheelchair. He’s disabled from the stomach all way down.

Ben’s new helper, Christian arrives in a while. But before he gets to Ben’s house, he has helped a young lady who fell down from her bicycle and Ben sees this from his balcony. Ben and Christian decide to follow the girl to where she lives.

They are waiting in the car outside her dormitory. Annika has just had an embarrassment because she couldn’t play the Cello tune she had practised, in front of an audience due to stage fright. Ben and Christian are talking when something flies through her window, shattered glass alongwith something heavy comes flying down. A bust. Probably of Beethovan or Mozart. Annika comes running down and apologises for her action. That’s the moment Ben falls head over heels in love with her.

After that, the three of them become fast friends. Annika and Christian make a plan to fulfil Ben’s wish: to be at the top of a certain building, which has thousands of steps. That night, when Ben and Christian are lying in bed, Annika comes and takes her place in between both men. Ben is very happy and they go off to sleep. Later into the night, Annika’s hands are paining with all the lugging she did of Ben’s wheelchair. Christian says he wants to have a closer look and they end up kissing. He also asks her out on a date the next day.

The next afternoon, Christian lands up at Annika’s school with two cups of coffee. He says, “I guessed you’d have no time to go out with me, so I came here!” And he grins. Ben knows that Christian and Annika have kissed each other in his house and he can’t bear it. Ben tries in his own way to get Annika attracted to him by waiting the entire day in his car outside her school and then when she comes out of her school, suddenly driving the car to where she is standing and pretending as if he accidentally met her.

One night, Ben questions Christian whether he loves Annika and he replies in the affirmative. Then Ben lets out a secret he’s been keeping to himself all this while, “I’ve been observing Annika for two years every morning, as she drives past my building. I wasn’t in love with her yet, but that day when I saw her from close quarters outside her dorm, that was the moment I deeply fell in love with her. Invalids can’t have high hopes of getting love because no woman could properly make love to an invalid.”

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Things turn out such that Annika sees Christian only as an acquaintance, but she wishes to befriend Ben. Ben’s health suddenly becomes worse and he has to be admitted to the hospital immediately. Though he is ill and must not move from bed, Ben has a strong urge to attend Annika’s concert that evening. He is just about to flee from the hospital on his wheelchair when Christian confronts him. He tries to talk sense into Ben but Ben is adament. Finally, he gets his way and attends Annika’s concert.

That night, after the concert, Annika is deeply touched by Ben’s love for her. They kiss passionately and are about to make love when Ben requests her to get him his blue pills. They’re Viagra, he says. Meanwhile, the moment has been lost and Annika has second thoughts whether she should take things forward with Ben.

The next morning, they wake up next to each other, but without having expressed their love physically. Annika helps Ben freshen up and when she comes back to his bedroom from the balcony, he’s not there. She searches the house frantically. He’s gone.

Annika calls Christian and they both find a clue as to where Ben is. Ben’s mother alongwith Christian and Annika drive to a place where the ocean freezes for a while so that one can walk on it. But it’s dangerous as the ice can melt anytime pulling you into the depths of the ocean. Luckily, they find Ben there. At that place where he and his girlfriend had had an accident, which had proved fatal for his girlfriend, leaving Ben paralysed.
But, they’re a bit short of luck. The ice melts and Ben and Annika drown. Christian comes to help them and initially he also drowns but finally all three make it. They’re saved.

Ben has slipped into a coma. And they think he’s dead. But then the doctors discover that Ben is dreaming. He’s dreaming that he walks up to the door to heaven and asks to be let in. But God tells him, “Child, your time on Earth is not yet over. Live the rest of your life to the fullest. Life on Earth can be really heaven.”

The film concludes with Christian securing a seat to study Medicine, Annika being taken in by a popular Cello player in Moscow and Ben hiring a new female helper, with whom he’s going to roam Australia .


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