The Joy of Helping🎭

Helping hand
Lend a helping hand

Taking help or asking for help, whether directly or indirectly, does not show inferiority. It just means the helper is in a better position to get your job done than you are. Please keep your ego aside when asking for help. It’s just being practical. I want my work to be done, so i will ask for help. If the person may not want to help you, it’s okay. Not everybody wants to. But if that person really wants to help you sincerely, how will you know unless you ask? We often become friends with people who help us, if we are associated with them in our daily lives, say in college or at work. Giving help is one job which can get you a lot of good karma. It’s performing a good deed. You are in control of the other’s happiness. There’s a saying, ‘Tum ek rupaiya doge, vo tumhe das lakh dega’. It means the more you donate, the more it comes back to you. That’s why the Tatas are so wealthy inspite of donating enormous sums of money. Not everybody may be able to donate so much money, but you can always spare a rupee for a cause like funding an acid attack victim. If you can’t donate money, try helping others with small things in your everyday lives. You will feel that joy enveloping you when you help someone. The smile on their face cannot be measured. It’s priceless. 

Last week, i attended a workshop in college. It was the 4th day of workshop and Sir had already told he wouldn’t allow anybody inside after 10 am. The day was scheduled for public speaking for all students. I finished my speech and was listening to other students speak. After sometime, i felt the need to answer nature’s call and so i got up and walked out the door. That was when i saw my classmate was waiting outside, revising her speech. I asked her, “Hey, why are you waiting here?” She replied, “My bus got late, i reached by 10.30 am. I think Sir won’t allow me in.” I told her i would ask Sir whether she could come in. I went upto Sir and informed him about the situation and asked if she could be allowed. Sir agreed! I quickly opened the auditorium door and called her in. She was overjoyed and so was i, i had just helped somebody and her joy gave me joy. Finally, she could present her speech and she did a good job of it. Later i asked her if nobody had come out of the auditorium before me. She said that many people had but they all said that our Placement cell madam who was the organiser of the workshop wouldn’t allow anybody to enter. That’s when i thought that if they would have asked Sir, my friend would have been spared all the worry. My day had been fruitful. I had done my good deed for the day. 

Helping hand tree
Helping hand tree

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