Let me sleep a little more…🔇

Sleep is a respite for the mind and body,

 You need at least 6 hours of it to remain healthy;

But I don’t know why people don’t let me sleep,

I find it tough my tolerance level to keep;

Someone phones me at the break of dawn,

I can’t even control my yawn;

Or kids play cricket so loudly under my window,

I have to get up and scream at them to keep their voices down;

Almost everyday my mom complains that I don’t get up early,

But I say, “Mom, i only get vacation for two months, not yearly!”

On Sundays, the sweeper-women hold discussions under the tree,

They always choose the bench outside my window, they are free;

 All this troubled me earlier but now it doesn’t,

My ears have trained themselves to keep their mouth shut and my brain they tell shouldn’t;

Some people sleep less out of compulsion, some out of choice,

But never is sleeping more seen as nice;

Some people need a lot of sleep and there’s no need to shame them,

It’s the way their bodies were built, no matter whether it’s a her or him;

I want to sleep for 10 hours a night and more,

Because i understand my body needs it and i know myself to the core!                                            


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