There was once a family: the father an astronaut, the mother a housewife and the daughter in college. They were a happy family but the husband was fed up of his wife’s nagging. He wanted to put an end to it somehow. It was the year 2100. 

One day, the husband decided to do away with his wife altogether. He was under the impression that his wife was the only one who nagged her husband. 😀 So he invited her on a drive in his new spaceship with his team. But the daughter wouldn’t leave her mother’s side. So he decided to let matters take their own course. 

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So they set off on their spaceship. After 24 hours of flying, they reached Mercury. The husband and his team said that they wanted to work on a project to improve Mercury and conduct some tests as to how plants grew in virtually oxygen free conditions and how the entire mankind could build structures and perhaps live there in about two decades. A few rich people were already living on this planet.

The husband suggested the mother and daughter take a round about outside the ship and look at the mountains and observe how Earth looked from Mercury. So both of them took an oxygen cylinder each and set off. They took in the scene before their eyes. High mountains, craters, unusual plants, unknown animal species, black sky, radiant Earth and its Moon, satellites, it was hard to believe they were actually on Mercury, a planet where no man had gone before a hundred years. 

They returned to the ship after a few hours. The husband was delighted with his experiments and informed them that they would be staying there for about a month of Earth days. The daughter was very excited. 

The days flew by. A day lasts a few hours on Mercury. The husband and his team embarked on a project of building them a house so that they could come there on a vacation. Both mother and daughter were very happy. 

Then one day, the husband said that his team had to urgently go back to Earth as some unexpected problem had occurred. So they flew back leaving mother and daughter behind. 

They hoped he would come back to take them. But he never came. They were desperate to get off the planet. But how could they? They didn’t know anything about the ship controls, their oxygen was running out and they wanted to get back to their own race. The people who lived on that planet were unreachable by the high mountains and they were known to be very unfriendly. 

The daughter suggested they take a look into the ship to see if she could figure out a way to fly back. They stumbled upon a female astronaut working on the ship. When they questioned her, she said she had no idea when they would come back. She hadn’t got any instructions. 

From the window of the ship, the mother spotted a group of school students out on an excursion. She immediately got down the ladder and called out to them. But they were too far for them to hear her. Sounds don’t travel far on Mercury, given the lack of oxygen.

The mother looked dejectedly at her daughter standing at the window. But she was smiling. The mother was puzzled. When the astronaut told her the team and her husband would arrive the next day, her joy knew no bounds. 

The next day, her husband arrived with his team. She said to him and cried, “Oh, i thought you had abandoned us here. ” The husband only said, “Happy New Year, darling! How did you like my surprise?” and laughed. Apparently, he had realised that all women nag their husbands and it didn’t matter which century you were born in. Because humans never change. 😀


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