My thoughts on choosing a goal for yourself and making a career

There’s a thing wise people always say: ‘Make a career.’ What do they mean by that? They mean that instead of taking up random jobs, take up jobs that will help further your career. Choose a specific line in which you want to go ahead and make your career. Aimlessly doing random jobs will only get you money.

Below, I narrate the story of how I realised where my interests lie and the goal I chose for myself. 

After my Std X Boards, I was unable to decide which stream to pursue, Science, Commerce or Arts. The general feeling was that as I was always good in academics, I ought to go for Science. I too was unsure, I hated Chemistry like anything and I found Physics pointless. I only liked Biology, but I would have to study the other subjects as well. So, I asked my family astrologer to show me the direction. He told me to take Commerce as my prospects were bright in this stream.

Accordingly, I took Commerce and did well in junior college. In 12th Std, I took IT as I wanted to get into the IT field. I had thought of doing BCA. When the time came for me to choose a course in senior college, I went for BBA as I thought I wouldn’t be able to manage BCA. 

In the first year, Mom had already decided for me that I should take Finance specialisation in TY. I was unsure of whether I really wanted that, but anyways I decided to go with the flow. 

Then, in Sem II, when I studied Marketing subject, I realised that this is what I enjoy doing and wouldn’t mind doing day in and day out for a living. I also realised that I had some of the qualities I needed to become something in the marketing world, communication skills, creativity and an interest in psychology. 

Around the same time, as they say that your thoughts attracts related things, I discovered LinkedIn through a poster on my college noticeboard. I made my account on LinkedIn. Another attraction was that an acquaintance introduced me to WordPress and told me to start blogging, because on WordPress, I could write about my thoughts free of cost. How I was going to promote it, came later. 

I started reading up on blogging on Google. Google threw at me related terminologies like SEO, SMM, Web Marketing, Digital Marketing, etc. I thought everything is going digital, and so is the case with marketing. It was something new, and an amalgamation of Marketing and IT, the perfect choice for me. 

That was the turning point of my life, and there was no looking back to consider other alternatives. My choice was made and I closed the door to other alternatives. I became active on LinkedIn, created my own page on Facebook and started sending the link to my article to friends as and when I wrote, later I started posting the link of articles related to academics and work on LinkedIn. And after one year, my blog is still generating a decent amount of traffic.

I speak up at seminars about my goal to become a Digital Marketer. And everyday, I try to keep myself updated with what is going on in the Digital Marketing field. Today, our Placement Coordinator of college announced an offer by a company related to the stock market. The prize is a paid trip to Singapore. My mom was like, ‘You should have given your name’, but I said ‘Mom, my goal is fixed and I am not wavering from my goal. I’m determined I’m never going to change my specialisation.’ It’s not about the money. It’s about passion. If you get paid a lakh per month for a job for which you wish you had slept a little more time each morning, you won’t be able to enjoy your salary. It’ll give you material happiness, no doubt but it won’t give you inner peace. You’ll always have regrets. On the other hand, if you do a job you love, it doesn’t matter how much you get transferred to your bank account every month. It’ll help you learn through your tasks and you will put in your best into your job. I have never chosen my course or college on the basis of what my friends choose. I find it pointless. You should be mature enough to take your own decisions. After all, a wrong decision has the potential to ruin your career. And if your parents’ wishes about the choice of a stream or course is against your wishes, take a firm stand and explain to them why you feel a particular stream or course will be good for you. Parents always want their children to be happy. They will rarely refuse if they see that you’re really interested in what you are committing to. 

Don’t do random jobs if you wish to make a career for yourself. Oscillating between different specializations only portrays that you are not sure what you want from life and from yourself. This goes both for a job and as far as possible, stream also. Try not to change your stream. Every senior college course has at least a little bit of syllabus about the junior college syllabus of the same stream. This indirectly means that the education system expects you to stick to the stream you chose in Std 11. 

Everyday, I’m passionate about my goal and I’m taking small steps towards my goal. If you haven’t found your calling yet, don’t get disheartened. Things always happen when the moment is right.


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