Why mythology classes should exist🕉

What is Hindu mythology?

It is essentially a myth or legend associated with Hindu gods, that we have been hearing from our grandparents which find their place in holy scriptures. These stories contain many truths of life, which are hidden, they are visible only to the mind’s eye. For example, transgenders existed eons ago, Shikhandi was a eunuch. 

What can we learn from Hindu mythology?

Introducing kids to mythology will certainly prove beneficial, irrespective of religion, because they teach us values we must cultivate in ourselves. Particularly speaking about the Mahabharata, Bhishma had taken a vow of celibacy, and upheld it till his last breath. There were definitely times when he would have felt the urge, after all he was a man. This teaches us to stick to our resolutions and help us acheive what we have resolved to do. 

Once Guru Dronacharya was training his pupils, the Kauravas and Pandavas in archery. He called all the pupils one by one and asked them what they saw when they held the bow in their hand. Some answered that they saw the tree, the leaves, etc but only Arjun said that all that he saw was the eye of the parrot on the tree, and he shot the parrot in the eye. The parrot fell to the ground, dead, its mate mourning its death. We learn that when we have our eyes fixed on our goal, nothing can stop us, there is no room for feelings. If Arjun would have felt pity for the parrot, he could never have become a great archer as a warrior was not supposed to have emotions while on the battlefield. Emotions made a warrior weak.

Gandhari’s refusing to see the world through her eyes, just because her husband was blind, shows that a couple have to share joys and sorrows of each other.

The Pandavas were sent into exile because Yudhishtira gambled his kingdom, his wealth, his brothers and also his wife. This tells us that gambling is bad and indulging oneself in gambling can only lead to harm.

These are just a few examples. Our mythological tales contain a lot more. I strongly feel that the idea of mythology classes should be implemented as drawing, painting, singing, dancing classes are not everything; we fail to realise that such classes are meant only for discovering the talent in a child. If the child does not have it, every class he attends will lower his self worth. Nevertheless, we all should pick up a mythology book in our free time and get ourselves interested in mythology.


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