Why LinkedIn is important for students🎓

What is LinkedIn?

If you are not aware about what LinkedIn is, it’s a platform where you can connect with prospective employers, CEOs of companies you wish to work for, fellow students, or broadly speaking, any person working in your desired field. You can also follow companies, join groups, message your connections, read articles written by experts on varied topics, get notifications about your connections’ work anniversary, birthday, new job, new position, etc. Most importantly, LinkedIn serves as your online resume, just that it is more dynamic: you can set a profile picture, current job position, update your education, skills, achievements, post articles;and your connections can view your profile and basically judge how active you are on LinkedIn and in your career, that is, are you improving your existing skills, learning new ones, undertaking courses…?

Why LinkedIn is important for students?

I’ve been on LinkedIn for a year now, and i have got a hands-on now, how the app works. Mastering how the app works is important, only then can you take full advantage of the features the app provides. Some take a really long time to become a pro, but i assure you it’s worth the effort. You may also use the desktop version but i find the app easier to navigate and can access it anytime, anywhere( i catch up on my notifications while having my meals; so that i may save time, i bookmark articles to my profile which i can read leisurely later).

Coming to why LinkedIn is important for students particularly, i’ve got quite a few messages from my connections saying that they didn’t expect Second Year students to be on Linkedin, it came as a surprise to them. LinkedIn helps students to

  • connect and stay in touch with prospective employers
  • follow companies
  • read articles on their field of specialisation
  • become aware about companies you never knew existed
  • comment on posts
  • connect to your professors and seniors who have a job already
  • enable people globally to view your profile
  • create a strong and eye-catching profile by updating your skills and endorsements, and accomplishments
  • make your presence felt even before you apply for a job
  • get job recommendations
  • stay updated with what is happening in the corporate world

    I always tell my classmates to create their profile on LinkedIn, a handful have either realised its importance or did it because their parents or professors or somebody else told them to. Whether they do it or not, that’s upto them. Nevertheless, i would say that the world is going digital faster and faster. There may soon come a day when recruitments will happen, solely based on your LinkedIn profile. Smartness lies in preparing ourselves for the future ahead. 


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