A Sweeter World🗺

The other day, i was standing at the bus stop and i noticed these three guys(they were apparently students, judging from their uniform)talking amongst themselves. Yet, something was missing. Their voice.
They were communicating in sign language. I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but they looked enthusiastic and full of life.

I was watching them hesitantly, lest one of them might think i was staring. At that moment, one of the guys caught me looking at him. I immediately turned my head away, breaking eye contact. 

That guy who’d caught me looking, hesitantly went back to making signs and gestures. After a few minutes, my bus arrived and i got onto it.

I could manage to grab a seat and sat down. I opened the second compartment of my rucksack and took out my book. I carry one or two novels with me always and read on the way. I find looking out of the window at the same roads, over the past 3 1/2 years impractical. I might as well use that time productively. 

But, i don’t know why, my mind kept going back to those boys. My thoughts were: Did the boys have low self esteem? Were they always conscious of their weakness and ashamed of not being normal? How does it feel to not hear the chaotic sounds of our everyday life and not contribute to those sounds? Do they like to talk silently without anybody taking notice of them?

There is so much noise, like static, in our world. It numbs our brain and makes us complain and judge our fellow beings. Don’t we always keep commenting on others, loudly or otherwise? Yes, we do. I think we all should quit judging others because nobody is perfect. Embracing ourselves and loving ourselves passionately is what will make this a world a sweeter place.