Embracing gender differences👨👩

From the time when humans evolved from monkeys/were put onto the Earth by God(we can never figure out which is true; anyways somehow we came to exist), we have had an inner instinct which set apart the two genders, proving that men and women do not think alike.

1. It is observed that boys worship their fathers and girls grow closer to their mothers, each identifying with their own gender.

2. As they grow older, boys don’t like to be hugged and kissed. They avoid public display of affection. Girls like to be hugged, kissed and are more receptive to public display of affection.

3. Boys play with toys which are a means of competition like cars, bikes, etc. Girls are more inclined towards toys promoting teamwork ie,dolls, playing with cooking set, etc.

4. When they grow into adults, men feel the need to protect while women feel the need to nurture.

5. A man reading a novel, totally engrossed in it, is a rare sight. Probably the eight wonder of the world! It wouldn’t come as a surprise if in his hand was his smartphone with a porn site loading.

6. A man’s job ends with helping his wife conceive.

7. Men feel it uncool to believe in zodiac signs. Women readily succumb to anything which can tell them more about themselves.

8. Men don’t like to read romantic novels. But will definitely like to watch a romantic movie with his gf!

9. When men say ‘I’m thinking about nothing’, believe them.

10. Men will only do what they think is right. So you should perhaps quit telling him to throw wet towels on the bed.

11. A man just cannot block a woman, unless there’s another woman in his life.

12. Men never stop trying, even after marriage.

13. Men will attribute a woman’s denial to the ‘mood swing days before chums’.

14. Men can find their way to a restaurant on a strange island. Women can get themselves off a strange island and make their way to a 50% discount sale.

15. Men make ogling obvious by moving their heads up and down. Women can ogle by keeping their heads fixed as a statue.

16. Men will show love by doing things for women. Some of them won’t express it in words.

17. After a busy day, men refresh themselves by reading or watching on TV others’ problems. Women refresh themselves by bitching about other women.

So, we see that bringing humour into our gender differences and taking things on a lighter note will helpbto ease arguments and will help men and women live cooperatively under one roof.

Note: if some of the things mentioned above are different in reality with regard to a particular person, regard the person as an exception and rejoice!