Play- Cat Love🐈

(Scene: Pratiknagar Sector No. 3&4, Characters: Me, my friend Nidhi, a gang of primary-school boys, and of course, heroine of the play, Kitten Fluffy, her dialogues are what she thinks and does, not what she says. I’ve to still learn cat language interpretation.)

(The play opens with the gang of boys trying their best to feed Fluffy a Parle G biscuit.)

Nidhi: Ae, usko nai khaneka hai.. uska mood nai hai…

Me:(entering the scene) Do idhar.. biscuit.. ye le chotu.. kha, kha..

Fluffy:(Meow! Hooman saved me from these boys then, when they were trying to suffocate me to death in that smelly cardboard box! Good hooman.. no harm eating what hooman is giving me) “Eats biscuit from my hand, taking small bites”

Me: Dekho, usko main malum hu, isliye mere haath se khari hai..

Boys: Han didi.. han didi

Fluffy:(Meow! Why are they fussing over me so much! I’m tired of so much attention. Give me a break!!) “Goes under a car, comes out in 2 seconds” (Oh no! I’m out in the open again? How did the roof suddenly come to an end?!)

Boys: Didi, shayad ye baju wale society se aayi hai..

Me: Fir use jane do udhar..(picks her up and places her on the wall separating both societies)

Fluffy:(Hey! I don’t want to go from here. And I’m scared of jumping from this height. But Mumma told me nothing happens to us even if we jump from great heights. Cats have nine lives, you know?) “Jumps into our society”

Everybody:Dekho udhar gayi..

Nidhi:(lifts it and sits on a bench)

Fluffy:(doesn’t want to sit on Nidhi) “Comes and sits on my lap”

Me:See? It likes me!

Nidhi:(sad and jealous expression) Give me also na.. (takes it in her arms and walks around the society)

Fluffy: Ah! I’m loving it! (After a few minutes) “Starts becoming uneasy and wants to be left down”

Me: Give it here.. It likes me

Nidhi: So? It likes me also and these boys also..

Me: It likes me more!!

(Nidhi and I sit on a bench)

Fluffy:(sits on me, I start checking my notifications on my mobile and viewing the pictures i took) Hooman is glued to her phone! How dare hooman do that when I’m here?! I won’t sits on hooman. “Sits on Nidhi”

Nidhi: Aww, my cutie baby..

Me: It came to you on its own! As if it understood us..

(The boys, Nidhi and I exit the scene)

Fluffy:”Sitting in the centre of the stage like a boss”