The First Men ‘in’ the Moon- H. G. Wells🌜

What if one day you find yourself on the Moon with no hope of escape? You can see the Earth rotating, revolving, in all its glory. You feel it’s only as far as a leap. But look before you leap. Else you will become another object floating in space. 

Two men dare to undertake a journey to the moon. There’s no guarantee they will ever return. Yet they build a spaceship and land upon the moon.

They descend upon a crater. They can’t see clearly from inside the spaceship what lies in front of them as it is snowing heavily. It is the Lunar Night lasting for 15 days. Then night turns into day and they see plants like mushrooms growing quickly and steadily in response to the sunlight. They conclude that there might be oxygen on the Moon and they are right. 

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Both men get down from their vehicle and go wandering all over the surface. In the process, they lose the location of their spaceship and are captured by the Moon cowherds who tend to the Mooncalves. 

They are taken into the depths of the Moon. The Lunar beings are short and have eyes at the sides of their heads. When punched in the face, they crumble into a powder.

Cavor and Bedford discover that the weapons they use are all made of gold. Bedford finally finds their spaceship intact and makes his way towards Earth, leaving behind Cavor on the Moon.

After a few days, humans receive numerous messages from Cavor. He says that he has been treated with due hospitality and the Lunar beings are destined to be what they will be, leader, administrator and so on. They also make attempts to understand English and know more about Earthlings. Their brains are situated on a platter outside their bodies. It is continuously sprayed with a liquid to keep it fresh.

There exists a world inside the Moon. Next time you see the Moon, you’ll recollect that there are indeed extraterrestrial beings watching you.


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