Infinity and beyond- Chapter 1🌌

I am Dr. X, the most famous scientist who will ever live because now I hold the power, the power of immortality! And you can read my journal in which I’m going to record the state of the Earth and Earthlings, for millenia! Hahahaha..

C. E.  2017

Earth still moves in its orbit around the sun. It is the third planet after Mercury and Venus. The Sun provides heat and light.Earthlings are secure at this moment and perhaps for a few more years, but certainly Man will reap what he sowed. According to my predictions, in another 100 years, Earth will get hotter, water will swallow up islands and whole continents, there will be widespread cannibalism, plants won’t grow naturally anymore. Man will progress intellectually but his morals will slowly start getting corroded. Earthlings are discovering new stars and galaxies. They are able to explore the existing and newly discovered. Robots are still in the background and research is going on. We still have our Moon. A majority of flora and fauna species are still alive.

C. E. 20,160

The Sun stopped shining ages back. Now it is only a red circular disc floating in space. It gives out no heat. It does not have any mass either.  All the time there is twilight. 

Humans went extinct around 10,000 C. E. The sun was still shining then but it had started giving out enormous amounts of heat and light. Cause: the depletion of the ozone layer by Man. 

Now the Sun, if I can call it that, rises and sets in the east. And I am the lone survivor on this planet. All around me you can see some creatures in the murky waters, the likes of which humans had never seen. These creatures are carnivorous. How are you secure then, you may ask. Well, i have built myself a kind of fortress and burning around the fortress is fire which they are afraid of. The building of the fortress could be accomplished, thanks to the inhabitants of Star XS1720J and the Uranians, who supplied me with raw material in their highly sophisticated spaceships. 

Occassionally, i see comets and shooting stars. Our Moon still remains, though lunar eclipses happen all the more frequently. I can see all the planets in the Milky Way clearly from my window. There is no soil left on Earth, hence no trees grow, no oxygen. I started inhaling carbon dioxide ages ago. 

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Yesterday, i received an invitation from the Mercurians to pack my belongings and fly to Mercury. They are offering me the post of Prime Scientist which is equal to the post of Prime Minister of humans. The Mercurians are a bunch of small beings, as small as my little finger. But they can grow big for some time and it eventually wears off. Another invitation i received is from the inhabitants of Jupiter to guide them as a leader in disciplining the 20 feet tall Jupitos. I must decide in a couple of days.

Meanwhile, a black hole exists somewhere in the vast expanse of space, waiting to suck in whatever comes its way. Rumors have it that an inhabited star was sucked into this black hole where time passes by in a loop, the events playing themselves over and over again. There is darkness all around. 

Star wars happen all the time. Aliens are planning to take over Earth. 

Ps: next entry will be after i take a decision


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