One Indian Girl- review and my thoughts🔖

Radhika weds Brijesh. Mehta family weds Gulati family.A grand destination wedding in Goa Marriot. 

One Indian Girl authored by Chetan Bhagat illustrates a typical Punjabi wedding with a mom’s gender stereotypes, a bit of family drama, ex lovers, a woman’s corporate career and feminism thrown in. 

Radhika is an introvert who has always been good at academics and poor at charming people. Her sister is totally the opposite. Compare a nerd and a stripper. She joins IIMA, bags a job at Goldman Sachs and shifts to New York. 

Once in New York, she gets into a live-in relationship with Debashish Sen(Debu). Meanwhile, her salary goes on increasing and Debu still earns a tenth of what she earns. His male ego cannot tolerate this. His idea of a future wife is a woman who stays at home and looks after his kids. Radhika argues that she can manage both work and home but Debu remains unconvinced. He leaves her life unexpectedly. When Radhika goes to his apartment to make amends, she catches him in bed with a white-skinned girl. 

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Radhika applies for a transfer to the bank’s Hong Kong office to get away from Debu and her memories of him. In Hong Kong, she gets involved in an affair with a senior at office, Neel Gupta, twenty years older to her, married and having two kids. At this point in the story, it’s revealed that Radhika’s sun sign is Gemini. 

All’s well between both of them but when Neel makes a statement that he could never imagine her as a mother, Radhika is hurt. There she goes again with her second heartbreak. 

She gets a second transfer to London to get away from Neel. Her mom has been constantly pestering her to get married and so she comes to London to help her daughter search for prospective grooms. After going through numerous profiles and rejecting all of them, she finally selects a Punjabi guy working with Facebook in San Francisco, USA. She talks to him on Skype and their marriage gets fixed. 

Radhika finances her own wedding and flies down to Goa to have a grand destination wedding. Debu and Neel follow her to Goa,apologising for their folly in letting her go and propose to her. 

Radhika is in a fix. Debu is her first love but full of ego and earns less than her. Neel is rich, divorced, handsome but made her feel inferior. She hardly knows Brijesh, dislikes his name and feels rushed into an arranged marriage. 

Finally, she decides, ‘I want to marry noone right now. I want to travel around the world.’ She asserts:’ Why do women have to choose between home and career when men don’t have to choose between career and sex?’

Still on her journey, she goes to San Francisco and meets Brijesh who looks fitter now. They get along quite well. Did she marry him? Or did she get attracted to another guy? All left to you.. jo bhi aap sochna chahe..

Some important conclusions: Gemini women climb up the corporate ladder faster due to their convincing power. They are charming and irresistable. May get attracted to financially stable older men. Have an opinion of their own. Are two faced meaning may exhibit extreme tendencies. Move on in life very quickly after a break-up. Always believe that if not this fish, then another fish(billions of good guys in this world). Quick to find faults and criticise. People realise her worth after she’s gone and there’s no use crying over spilt milk. Loves travelling.


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