Blue is the story of how a young orphan boy has a stroke of luck that changes his life forever. Ginny is a woman in her 40s, shattered by the death of her husband and son in a car accident. She blames herself for their death. To keep herself from thinking about it over and over again, she joins an NGO which helps protect human rights in countries like Afghanistan, Syria and India. She plays with danger, everyday hoping to die. Her elder sister who has a family of her own and takes care of their father who is suffering from a rare disease, is always criticizing her for her decisions.

When Ginny returns to New York after the completion of her assignment, once again her emotions take control over her and she decides to commit suicide. When she is about to jump into the river, something catches her eye and she discovers a teenage boy shivering in a hut nearby. She is overwhelmed with motherly love. She takes Blue, the orphan boy to her apartment, feeds, clothes him and tries to make life good for him. Slowly, they bond with each other. 
Ginny comes to know that Blue has a talent for playing musical instruments without any formal training. She wishes to admit him to a music school. They are late for the admission but seeing his extraordinary talent, the school decides to take him in. Meanwhile, Ginny has another assignment coming up which would require her to go to India for three months. She is faced with a dilemma: she wants to go on her assignment and also care for Blue and watch him grow. But, if she goes on her assignment, Blue will miss her terribly and may also leave school and start living on the streets again. She cannot give up her job because it is a part of her life now and reminds her of her husband and son. After much deliberation, she decides to take up a desk job in the same NGO. In this way, she need not go on assignments to other countries.

While talking casually to Ginny, Blue feels he can open up to her and tells her that he was molested by a priest of the church when he was living with his aunt a few years ago. Ginny meets a lawyer, Andrew O’Connor who agrees to fight the case for Blue, for free. He is attracted to Ginny and spends a lot of time with Blue and her. 

Ginny’s sister Becky tells her that she will incur the wrath of God if she falsely accuses a priest, but Ginny stands firm: what happened to Blue was wrong and his life had been negatively affected because of that incident. The least the church can do is to offer him compensation for everything that happened. 

Andrew wins the case and an enormous sum of a million dollars is offered to Blue which will help him financially. Andrew and Ginny feel that a close bond has developed between both of them and they decide to get married and adopt Blue as their son. 

The book highlights the plight of a mother who has lost her son and the love and desire she has to see her child grow. At a point in the story, when Ginny is fighting for justice, people wrongly label Blue as her boyfriend. But, it should be remembered that a mother’s love is pure and should never be confused for a lover’s love. 

Love is indeed found in unexpected places. 


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