Silent Midnight of Freedom🇮🇳

Indian Tricolour

Be it a wedding celebration or India’s victory in a cricket match, we Indians just can’t stop ourselves from bursting crackers after midnight and waking up the neighbourhood. However, yesterday’s midnight, the eve of our 70th Independence day was a silent one. Apparently, everybody was sleeping soundly, dreaming about what all they would do this week, where would they go now that a week bursting with holidays had turned up, thank God this year Independence day was a Monday, full on enjoyment from previous Saturday. This just goes to show how much we value the efforts and lives of our martyrs and the freedom they got us from the British. Freedom tastes sweet but for the sweetness to be felt, you have to first have the sweet and be careful not to drop it to the floor and crush it under your foot. We’ve taken freedom for granted because the youth don’t know how it feels to be lorded over by a dictatorial power. We forget that becoming independent is something which brings happiness. Don’t we feel joyous when we finally have a well-paying job and become financially independent? We give treats to our friends, don’t we? 15th August in India deserves to be treated on par with a wedding and winning a cricket match. This Independence day, if you haven’t burst crackers, never mind, do something which will show your love for our beloved country. 

Swatantrata divas ki shubhkamnayein! 


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