Whatsapp Dreams😴

Whatsapp dreams? What’s that?you ask. It’s the fear of someone texting you something or blocking you which shows up as a dream when you are not fast asleep, but only partially asleep, when a part of your brain is sleepy and another part is engaged in taking stimuli from your immediate environment and creating dreams from that material.

I once dreamt that my friend texted me something which I had been wishing would happen and sometimes, would not happen. For instance, I wished my friend would throw off his reserved demeanour and send me good morning and good night texts and reply sweetly to me and he did that, albeit in the dream! Another time, I wished somebody who had blocked me would unblock me and that happened in the dream and we resumed chatting after that.
When I woke up finally, I was so disappointed to find that what I had seen was only my dream and there were no chances of it happening in real life.
I would call it a fear of social media behaviour. I no longer dream that I talked to somebody or met somebody, all I get are electronic dreams.


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