The Kid next door👦

There lives in the building opposite mine, a boy of three. I don’t know why but when I hear him giggling away in his house or see him playing with the other kids in our society, something happens to my heart, and my lips turn upwards, into a smile. He has big and curious eyes that are eager to take in the world around him. When he is out playing with his friends, he gets very excited and turns into a captain, leading his friends in a war and commanding them what to do next. His parents are what you would call wierd. They live on the ground floor so they keep the curtains drawn all day long. They don’t even let him sit in the window. Whenever some or the other friend comes and calls him, the curtain is lifted up and a head appears in the window. I nicknamed them ‘The Vampires’ because vampires are scared of sunlight and by their behaviour it certainly seems they are vampires. His Dad is very possessive of him and will suddenly drag him away while he’s still playing. Whenever my mother used to call him, he would raise his little finger to say that he was katti with her. She was always perplexed as to why he did that when he wasn’t katti with me. The boy always speaks in Hindi though his mother tongue is Telugu. At this rate, I told my mother, he’ll never learn to speak Telugu! I used to play with him and give him two trucks I have to play. He would enjoy playing with them and broke a truck one day. Then, he used to say to his friends, “Look, this is my Didi.” But nowadays, when he sees me, he runs away. It’s not that he’s scared of me, maybe it gives him pleasure to do that. His cousin brother came over today morning. His father had bought something for his cousin and gave it to him in front of the boy. The boy started crying because he also wanted that, but all he got was a beating. I really pity him. And I really like him. He is special to me.


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