A humorous take on Reincarnation⏪⏹⏩

Reincarnation is the idea that when you die, it’s your body that has reached its expiry date and that your soul moves on into another body. Meanwhile, it retains some memory of its previous lives. Children as young as 2 have been known to have knowledge of their former lives. Reincarnation is a highly debated topic. Past Life Regression(PLR) therapy has been known to kill illnesses which doctors were clueless about. You can read more about this in Santosh Joshi’s book KEYS. 

The soul completes one cycle of life in a body and moves into another body.
Sometimes, grandfathers are reincarnated as their own grandsons.
The cycle of birth and death goes on and on.

My mother and i are strong believers of reincarnation. We also joke about it often whenever we expound on our talents. We say ‘I have this talent, maybe I was this or that in my last life.’ When we realise you couldn’t have been both this and that in one life, we change it to previous lives.

I can say what’s cooking by only sniffing the aroma from afar.
I can say which vegetable is being cut by its smell reaching my bedroom.
Maybe I was a dog. A sniffer dog, the kind police have.

My observation skills rank higher than others. You can ask me anything about a place I’ve been to, and I’m sure to get my answers right.
Maybe I was a detective. Sherlock Holmes or Poirot! (These people weren’t  real. Lol)

I love reading books and also write beautifully.
I must have been Agatha Christie.

Queen Victoria’s birthday falls in May, like mine. And I have a strange attraction to all things royal and to England, particularly London and novels set in London, songs having London in them(Kar Gayi Chull), movies(1920 London), the Kohinoor diamond and the list goes on.
I think I was her! I’m a queen, Mom, royal treatment for me from this moment!( exasperated Mom looks on)

Even if someone’s not playing music in my immediate vicinity or the TV volume is on 1, I can hear everything clearly.
I was a cat, I was a cat! (Cats can hear sounds which the human ear cannot.)

I am very practical and philosophical as compared to others of my age.
Maybe I was a philosopher.

My aim is always perfect and I can juggle objects.
Mom, you were a juggler in a circus!


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