The Feel-Good Factor😊

Before I start off on humans and relations, take a minute and think why do you like your best friend so much and dislike so many others? Can you name a reason for it? No? Don’t worry. Happens with most people, if not, maybe you’re slightly too practical.

So, what is it that makes us like a person? Is it their looks, attitude, outlook, innate qualities, the way they meet our eyes, the way they speak or the words they use?Don’t you think all this is packaged and bundled and lo, he or she becomes who he or she is?

Do you think there exists a magnetism in the universe? A magnetism which attracts, brings together and keeps us bonded to our friends. I think it is there, present, there’s only the need to discover it because it’s been there all the while. You can call it the Feel-Good factor.

Now, this is a principle and it has to satisfy two conditions:
1~There should not be anything in their nature that is unappealing to you, if there is and you know it, you won’t associate that much with them to feel good about them
2~You should try to stay in touch, otherwise it loses its intensity(magnets attract within a short range, remember?)

When these two conditions are satisfied, the Feel-Good factor shows you the miracles it can perform. And the miracle is that you are stuck with an invisible glue to that person and you become their friend. You don’t have it in your heart any longer to hurt them or make them feel unwanted and unloved. You wouldn’t even think of it.

You feel good about yourself that you came to know them and they’re your friend too, for ages to come. And you respect them. When you genuinely do that, you won’t talk behind their back and won’t let others do so.

The Feel-Good factor is why even after years, when you’ve lost all contact with your college friend, you smile upon hearing their name and get excited for a reunion. There’s a reason for college reunions, you see.

Think again of your best friend. Think how many times in your years of friendship have you openly said, ‘Hey! I love you so much! Never leave me, please.’ Say a small prayer for them today. Ask God to keep them always in good health, to shower his blessings upon them. Treasure those moments when you both are together. Treasure them because they’re worth more than all the diamonds in the world.


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