Exploring Good and Evil in depth👾

Today on the front page of any newspaper, articles of bombings, wars and bloodshed meet the eye. Of course, such things are bad. But what is good and evil, really ? Time to put on your thinking cap..

What is good ? And what is evil ? Good is something that gives you peace, happiness and satisfaction. And evil is something which does exactly the opposite, destroys peace, makes you unhappy and leaves you dissatisfied.

But, if we go to think more closely on this, isn’t good and evil subjective? Someone may be good in one’s eyes and may be evil in another’s. It’s the way you choose to look at it that matters. Good and evil is constantly evolving. At one point of time, a person is considered good, at another, bad.

Some are attracted to evil. There is a God in every single one of us. Everything needs balance. The masculine needs the feminine. The energy requires mass. So the corollary is that there is evil in every single one of us. The true battle between good and evil is fought within. And the great evil connects itself to the evil within us.

There may be attachment to Evil within some. There may be a small part of Evil within them. But can the great Evil be concentrated within just a few men ?..

It’s not people who are evil. True Evil exists beyond them. It attracts people. It causes confusion amongst its enemies. But Evil in itself is too big to be confined to just a few.

Evil is as strong as Good. It doesn’t work by itself, it uses people as its medium.

Everything in the universe serves a purpose. If anything appears random, it only means we haven’t discovered its purpose just as yet. So why does Evil exist ? Why can’t it be destroyed once and for all ? Even when it is apparently destroyed, it rises once again. Maybe after much time has elapsed, perhaps in another form, but Evil does rise and will keep rising again and again. Why ? Because Evil serves a purpose..

Evil cannot and should not be destroyed completely. It only needs to be taken out of the equation at the right time, the time when it rises to cause total annihilation.

In Indian mythology, the Asuras were considered to be evil. If they had been destroyed completely, the Devas would have started behaving recklessly for they wouldn’t have feared anybody then. So are the Devas evil ? No. Nobody is good or evil. It’s the things they do to maintain their worth and self-esteem that’s called good or evil. Both Good and Evil have to balance each other for humans to exist sustainably.

*Contains extracts taken from ‘The Secret of the Nagas’ by Amish Tripathi


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