Friendship 2 Companionship👫

Life sometimes plays mysterious games. I often wonder how magical it seems when the events of our life start to make sense to us, when we seem to piece together those circumstances, which at the time of their occurrence seemed devoid of that magical dust. I believe in the Law of Attraction and i feel you should too. This law has a very simple funda: you attract what you think. You are what you think. If you think about being wealthy, you are attracting wealth. If you think that your neighbor should not prosper, it’s you who won’t prosper because the Law of Attraction doesn’t know persons. It just knows the thoughts on a particular wavelength, just like the different bandwidths for different TV channels. If you think negative thoughts, you are in fact attracting negative thoughts.

The people we are destined to come across in our lives, at times, seem so unreal. Within a short span of time, two individuals meet each other, interact with each other, if they like each other immensely, they become inseparable friends. Otherwise, they turn into acquaintances or those who you wouldn’t even to care to say hi in your dreams. But why talk about them now, when we can boast about the unique friends we’ve got. They influence each other’s attitude, interests and life in general. Our life would have been so different, had A or M or P not entered our life miraculously, like a gift from God.

If a boy and girl are friends through thick and thin, it could turn into a strong friendship or could develop into something beautiful, a relationship. Relationship is a lovely phase to be in. Innocent texts bring a smile to your face, and real time interaction, however short, holds the power to satisfy you, for a short time though. You feel you must meet that special one once, twice, thrice, till you lose count of how many times you both have met. The craving to hold him/her close and not let them go…

When you have been in a relationship for quite some time, you become aware of his/her likes, dislikes, tastes, the way they view their life.. You then turn into partners. And partnership is all about give and take. The world sits up and takes notice when a pair of lovebirds meet the eye more oftener than ever.

If their love is very strong to keep going, commitment is likely. The attitude of the mind, to become soul mates, to stay with each other till their last breath(or as some would say, to depart together on their journey to heaven), to tie the knot comes into play. Thus begins a lifetime companionship with your loved one, extending well over 50 years at times. That is quite a long time and it needs patience and acceptance. 

Life is beautiful. And having someone by our side makes it even more beautiful. What else could one wish for!


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