Bharatiya Nari, You Deserve Respect and Protection!👪

Some incidents which happened to me spurred me to write this article.

Mom and I accompanied Dad on his office tour to Mysore, early July 2015. His friend (a married man) took us to the various tourist spots within the city. Despite being of another religion, he took us to the Chamundeshwari(Goddess Parvati) temple, and waited patiently for us to finish our worship. It was late evening by the time he dropped us both safely at the hotel we were staying in.

A few days later, all three of us visited another of his friends’ house for dinner. It was already 10.30 pm when we decided to take their leave. Dad’s friend ordered his son to hail an auto for us and send us off. His son obediently did that. A drunk auto driver. Empty roads. Ignorance of Mysore roads. Two females and one aged male. Dar toh lagega. Bhagwaan ka naam japte rahe till we reached the hotel. I blew my lid after we checked into our room. Anything could have happened yaar.

The point I wanna emphasize here is that, being a family man with a daughter and son, he didn’t feel it was necessary to drop us to the hotel in his car. He was feeling too hungry for that, as he was more bothered about eating his dinner as soon as we left. Although women are modern, they work, they deserve respect and protection. And being a man, it’s your duty to protect her or see that she is protected. You mustn’t choose to ignore this fact. God made men and gave them strength in order that they could ward off attacks on the weaker sex. See the contrast between both friends. One was so concerned for his friend’s family and the other didn’t even care two hoots. Men, be men! You would get even more respect then!


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