A Tragedy😔

He missed her, he missed her terribly,
He missed her with all his heart and mind,
With his heart because she made his heart skip a beat, when he feasted his eyes on her form,
With his mind because she stimulated him mentally, which not many can do
He felt lonely,
He knew it wasn’t his family he was missing,
Then it had to be her!
He could not tell her,
She was a friend and he was shy
Yet she was a part of the future he imagined all day,
He couldn’t go on in this fashion, in his dream world
Just then he spotted her from his window,
His joy knew no bounds
He ran up to her and said ‘U know, I.. I.. ‘
‘Yes?’ said she,
‘I missed.. Missed you..’
‘Oh!’ she exclaimed, ‘I know now that you told me..’ she tried to suppress her smile,
They looked into each other’s eyes,
Their unwavering gaze oblivious of their surroundings
But, she was bound, not by real chains, but by the chains of her heart
She had been betrothed to a wealthy man without her consent, by her mother
Answered the girl, ‘We can be together..’
‘When, darling?’
‘After eternity’
And she walked away.


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