Is Your Smartphone Making You Less Social?📶📴

What was the purpose of inventing a smartphone? It was to stay connected with people around the globe, through social messaging tools and apps. It wasn’t started so that we could nicely quit talking to those same people in reality.

Smartphone is our first priority
We all dream of more likes, more comments and more shares

The virtual market is bombarded everyday with thousands of online games. And this is sadly taking a heavy toll on victims to the gaming addiction, especially children. 

So lost are we in chatting with the contacts on our Whatsapp list, while jogging, at the gym, on a picnic, while the professor is delivering a lecture, at work, all the time, everywhere, that we don’t seem to find a moment to lift our heads and smile at the person in front, behind, or to the left and right of us. You would say, ‘What’s the use? They too, are glued to their phones. I can’t help it!’

On a first date, your smartphone saves too from the awkwardness of starting a conversation

Parents in their 50’s and 60’s sometimes wonder, ‘My grown-up kids have to bring their mobiles to the dining table also.’ It serves as a good excuse to avoid talking when you’re upset with someone, which is a tactic often employed by women. While younger parents hardly bother themselves with what their kids ate, how much they ate, because they’re more attached to their smartphones than their children. And thus, food makes its way down each one’s throat, without their even realising it, exclaiming, ‘Oh! I ate up all the food on my plate. I’m getting fat! Must go jogging from tomorrow.’ The next day, jogging becomes walking and then comes to a halt, as we furiously type away on our phones.

The selfie bug is not partial, it bites women and men as well, though the effect of its bite on women can be seen for a longer time. People hardly seem to care for their lives, while striking up innovative poses with a snake and a speeding train. (Instagram was created, keeping this in mind.)

We are shackled by social profiles

Everybody knows that now you can do almost everything on your mobile, that you can on your laptop. At the moment, more than 1.39 billion people have their account on Facebook. You may be one of them.

Facebook is eating up our time

Isn’t it necessary for our profile to look slick and updated? For, after all, our self worth depends upon the number of likes we manage to gather! It would help if you have obliging friends, they would prevent you from going into depression. Heated arguments on religion, politics, etc and trolls also seek refuge in Facebook.

Likes have become the lifeblood of Man

With a heavy heart, we say that ‘My smartphone is my life. I cannot live in its absence. It has become my need, alongwith food, clothing and shelter. Please ensure that it goes with me on my journey to the other world.’

We’ve stopped reading
Masking emotions



But, the twist lies here. I will now be giving you some remedies to cure yourself from being present only physically and not mentally. You cannot do away with the digital imp, intruding into your life, however you can and must reduce it to some extent. No use of Internet every Sunday, no mobile at the dining table, no mobile while jogging (Nature is beautiful, enjoy it), reduced use of mobile on a picnic with family(you go on a picnic to spend quality time with your family), phone on silent/vibration at work and phone to be removed from jeans pocket only after the lecture ends. I’ve been writing this post from an hour, on my smartphone, so now I’m gonna go offline and drink a cup of coffee, talk to Mom and get back to my books. After all, I should follow what I’ve written, shouldn’t I ?


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