Bonding ‘over’ Facebook💕

Incidents that touch my heart

Yesterday, I went over to my ex-neighbour’s place, a retired teacher living with her husband and son, to collect a movie CD. And it was then that she told me, she wanted me to teach her how to use Facebook.


I was all cool about it, saying, ‘Yes, aunty, why not?! I can operate both in my sleep too!’ We started with Facebook. She had already created her profile and had 2 friends on her friend list. First, I taught Aunty how to accept and send friend requests. Then, I taught her how to view profiles and message them on Facebook Messenger. ‘We can send photos as messages if you don’t want the public to view them’, I said. I helped her use Search, like posts, comment on posts and upload a status.

Next came Whatsapp. She learnt how to click pics on Whatsapp and send it, send a voice message and call on Whatsapp. I also explained how to switch the front and back camera. I was very patient and answered all her queries. A good two hours flew by with tea and snacks! I was about to leave when Uncle waking up from his afternoon nap, asked me to wait for a few minutes. I couldn’t say no. The TV was switched on, and I settled there, like Lord Ganesha, devouring snacks and enjoying myself. An hour elapsed. Now, I must leave, I thought. It would be awkward to stay any longer. And I politely took their leave.

As I walked towards home, I felt good, to have helped Aunty, so calmly, so confidently. A thought crossed my mind. Social might have made us unsocial, but it has certainly helped me keep my social relationships alive.


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