Anger Management😡

What is Anger?

Anger is nothing but disapproval expressed openely by throwing things around, shouting, beating, abusing, walking away from the scene or through expressions.

Why do we get Angry?

Anger management

When we have expectations from someone or something and those expectations remain unfulfilled, it gives rise to a feeling of anger. If we hate a person, anything he/she says will irritate and frustrate us. When we are under a lot of pressure, anger finds an outlet through trivial reasons. Being nosy and invading a person’s personal space, the feeling of having let our loved ones down, failure, sorrow, depression, all lead to anger.

Managing, Not Controlling Anger

Anger management steps

Anger can hardly be controlled. It’s built into your behaviour in such a way that it rears its head even if you wished it wouldn’t. Thus, managing anger is the key to prevent relationships from getting damaged. Blowing your lid off is very easy, it takes tremendous will-power to keep the lid in place. Your views can be put across in a polite manner as well. You don’t need to shout and scream to get your point across to the person who is listening to you. Neither you nor your listener will benefit from such a show. Walking away from a problem is never the solution. If somebody doesn’t agree with you, try to convince him. If he is adamant on his opinion, let it be. Everybody is unique and so are their opinions. Trying to change his opinion is a futile task. Have minimum expectations. Over-expecting only leads to mental trauma and stress. As the saying goes, ‘Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.’

Why should we Manage Anger?

Anger spoils our mood. It gives birth to  resentment, grief and strained relations. Studies show that people who get angry often, are more susceptible to high blood pressure, heart attack and paralytic stroke. Such people hate to live and live to hate. They indirectly send warning signals to others, not to enter their comfort zone. Doing this will only make people fear talking to you, lest they end up annoying you and face your wrath.


Smile and let others smile. You don’t own all the problems in the world.


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