Be Safe!🚲

What is the key to your loved ones’ happiness? Money required for a luxurious lifestyle? No! It’s YOU!!

A happy family

YOU who make your family complete. YOU who are with them in their joys and sorrows. YOU who want them to acheive their dreams and aspirations. YOU who always want to see them smiling, happy, in their best of health. YOU who wish that they had nothing else to wish for, because they have YOU.

YOU are precious. YOU are unique. Nobody can replace YOU. Relatives can fill the void created in the lives of your family, by your absence. But, try as they might, they can never ever replace YOU. And why should they? Would YOU like somebody else to shower the love and affection YOU would, on your family, instead of YOU?


It all, starts with YOU and ends with YOU. And that’s why, YOU need to be healthy, physically and emotionally.

Your safety starts and ends with you

This can be achieved by doing one simple, small task: wearing good quality headgear. A study reveals that more people breathe their last on the road than they do after prolonged illness in the hospital. Shocking, isn’t it?!

Road accidents are the worst form of death

Sadly, the dreams, hopes and aspirations of thousands of families have been shattered.  Why? Just because their loved one didn’t think twice before getting onto his 2-wheeler. They are forced to keep aside, whatever it was that they had dreamed of, and devote their remaining lives to the care of that loved one, that is, if they get spared by the grace of God. Families fall into a financial abyss and are unable to catch hold of a rope to climb out of it. The savings, meant to be spent on a family trip, sadly, now become the price to be paid to doctors to keep their family member in front of their eyes, for a few more years.

Amazon’s push notification promoting pillion rider headgear

Not only the driver, but also the person sitting pillion is subject to the risk of losing his/her life in case of a mishap. That is why helmets for pillion riders is being marketed so vigorously by  But, we don’t care, do we? It doesn’t make any difference to us if our family misses us tomorrow, right?


Why do we do this? Why? Is our love so weak that we feel wearing a helmet to protect ourselves for our family is a gargantuan task? Aren’t we indirectly pushing them behind from their dreams and taking a step forward to helplessly see them suffering?


Wearing a helmet gives you the power to fulfil your family’s expectations from you. It shows how much you love your family. ‘Coz the soul of your family resides in YOU.’


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