Now ladies, Your Turn: Ogling at Men

Who said, exuding beauty was isolated to women alone?! Now, take a wide-eyed look at this!


There is a sudden upsurgence in the sales of groomers and fairness creams on e-shopping portals. And guess who are the buyers this time? Men!!

Now, men have started paying a lot of attention to how they look, all the time. When asked about this, a person replied, ‘Yes, nowadays I’ve become very conscious about how I look, especially at a meeting.’

Gone are the days when men had long matted hair and sported beards, almost always. The Stone Age man is slowly disappearing and the 21st century man is replacing him.

And absolutely no comments about fairness creams! Wanting to look fair to attract females is a goal, which from time immemorial, has been cherished by males of all strata and ages.

Whereas if we look at women, their shopping cart contained only kajal, lipstick, eye liner and nail polish.

Here it is now, here it will happen! Ogling won’t be restricted to men alone. We, women will play our part very well, I’m certain. After all, who knows better than us?!


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