The Origin of Names

What is a name? An identification, recognition. What’s in a name? 

Your name may be some quality(ex:Saguna), may be the name of a God or Goddess(ex:Gauri) or may be some common name, scores of people having your name.

I recently attended a seminar on mall management by the current CEO of Seasons Mall, Pune in college. I asked him why Seasons’ came to be named ‘Seasons’. He told me that at the time of its inception, the word ‘season’ was being used incessantly(festival season, fashion season, summer season), so the promoters decided to go ahead with it.

Did you ever notice how detergents’ names are strangely related to beaches? Tide, Surf Excel, Ariel are some of them.

Malls and Retail Outlets too have innovative names. Phoenix Market City brings to mind, the picture of a phoenix which rose from its ashes, inspiring people.

So, the next time you wonder, ‘What’s in the name?’, try to find the origin of that name. A name is everything.


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