Your Guide to Personal Selling🗣


1 -> Attire

 When a salesperson knocks at somebody’s door and starts making a verbal presentation, the first thing that they notice about him is his attire, his personality, the way he stands, the way he speaks, the way he makes them feel good about themselves. If he’s wearing a shirt which isn’t ironed, hasn’t combed his hair, yawns and looks ready to drop off to sleep any moment or starts by saying that he’s there to sell you something , surely you’d shut the door on his face.

2 -> Product

If he is well dressed, next they’d go on to notice what’s in his hand. If the product is something they don’t need or looks unappealing, they’ll make excuses for ending the conversation. Most salespeople start by offering free samples, which end up becoming free gifts given with their product.

3 -> Company

If the product looks inviting, they’d think what their perception is, with regard to the company that manufactured that particular product. If they’ve had any former bad experience with any product launched by that company, they’ll think twice before patronising them again. It’s not a worry to be unknown but being a reputed company adds value to the salesman’s conversation.

When all these conditions are fulfilled, there’s a chance that he’ll be able to convince them to part with their hard-earned money, or at least lend a listening ear.

Thus, the salesman markets himself, the product and the company, in that order. As it is quoted in Shiv Khera‘s book titled ‘You Can Sell’

Only when the employees love the product will the customers love it.


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